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Nov 15, 2009
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I don't post on here too much but I thought I'd pass the bad news on because I know some people on here knew this guy. He died last night in Little Rock. I dont care to discuss all the details. He was a sweet fuckin guy and we will all miss the shit out of him.
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May 23, 2018
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That's really a shame. my friend knew him and had nothing but great things to say about him, used to say I should hit him up scene I live in Louisiana but just never got around to it. Anyway rip Andy.


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Jan 26, 2008
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i met andy in richmond some years back while he was staying at the flying brick house, im pretty sure he helped install the grey water system there. myself and t bone took him on his first train down to jax ill never remember how stoked he was. we kept in touch for years but kinda fell out of touch the past few years. i knew andy was struggling but i didnt know it had gone that far. believe it or not i gave him that nickname, it was originally andy the left handed onion because god damn he was good at stealing food and that bastard smelled almost as bad as me at the time and i thought that was a true feat for anyone to accomplish. a good friend called me this afternoon and said they had bad news and that it was about my friend andy, i knew immedietly what had happend and nearly burst into tears on the phone. andy was a real gem and im glad to have known him. another one gone way to fucking soon. unfortunetly after digging through old photos i couldnt find any of andy, im pretty sure i had mailed them to him years ago and kept only the ones that he had taken on my camera at the time.

one of my favorite stories about andy is him commenting about 2 ducks fighting in a pond, andy of course having the humor that he had said they were obviously fighting over a lady duck. so it goes. rip buddy.

EDIT: i nabbed 2 photos from his stp account where him and other stp members had breakfast together.
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