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Oct 5, 2019
currently in Denver
I've been lurking in this website for a few years and made this account a bit ago but never thought to make a post, but now that I'm out and about again I figured now's as good a time as any. I'm sitting at a bus stop canopy in the rain and have nothing better to do!

My name is Rats/Rat! (I don't have them anymore but I used to travel with two rats- that's how I got my name.) I'm about 19 years old and I've spent the majority of my life and childhood on the road. Lived in the back of a semi truck and bounced from place to place when I was a younger child before I finally got into foster care. Stayed housed up for my early teenage years but never felt normal. After turning 18 and attempting to get some shit together, I've returned to the road. Over the past few months I've been drifting between Knoxville, Asheville, and a couple other surrounding cities. Now I think I'm ready to travel further again. I'm alone but I would like to find a road dog or group again. (River, Kev, Fieldmouse, Lynn- if you're on this site I miss you dudes.)

As for more about me- I can't play any instruments so I make most of my money by drawing and making art on street corners. I tend to try and spend as little as possible and dumpster dive what I can. I can provide well enough for myself, I've been doing it for all these years. I like folk and rock music. I love all animals and used to love to keep reptiles when I was housed.

I don't have much of a destination in mind but I have always gone west during fall and winter and east throughout the spring and summer months. I do have certain cities and places I'd like to eventually hit sometime but I've got no deadlines and nowhere that needs me. I look forward to spending more time on this site and possibly meeting some of you.

Sorry if this is formatted weird or anything. First post! Happy travels!

(I have a phone with instagram, reddit, dkscord and data if anyone ever wants to chat more. Just lemme know!)
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Jul 21, 2019
Hey I'm in the Mid tn area if you ever wanna link up. I've rubber tramped to Florida once but had a bad experience. Trying to find more chill kids. I used to hang with Raven white and Skunk from Tullahoma if you know them.

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