puppy pit bull "pig" stolen in Tucscon, AZ (1 Viewer)

Matt Derrick

Semi-retired traveler
Staff member
Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX

so some piece of shit stole @croc's pup 'pig' in tucson, az last night. i don't think we have a lot of folks in that area right now, but if anyone could repost this and spread the word, it would definitely be helpful. thanks!
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The Shabbos Goy
StP Supporter
Jul 29, 2015
East Derby, CT
Man that sucks... I'll see if I can get some emails sent that way since this is it [STP] as far as social media goes for me.
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Any tips for losing weight while confined to basically just a box?
heading to NM from El Paso, need to get health insurance, out of the corona-virus homeless people get ignored bullshit currently happening in TX. used to be on this site before, nice to meet y'all.
This COVID-19 pandemic is horseshit.
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I'm willing to try it again this Friday morning... It's not an auto rack, it's something better! I still need to see what I am up against...
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