Jan 8, 2018
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South Portland Maine
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Back in 2015 in the summer I met a few train riders in Portland Maine at a gas station. I had a new found respect for what all of you do after becoming friends with a settled rider . So I offered to buy them all smokes. They got beers and I stood outside talking to them for about a half hour. Got huge hugs and parted ways. The one gal puke and I were going to try to stay in touch but couldn't find her on Facebook naturally lol .. I just found this site yesterday so if anyone in New Orleans or North Carolina or wherever knows puke tell her Jason Jarvis from Maine wanted to reconnect
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done treeplanting...Edmonton for a day and Vancouver bound...
Anybody know of any geographical maps i can download.
Still thinking about bike touring, but becoming less considerate of it.
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Heeeyyy, buuddy!

How you been? Haven't heard from ya in awhile, so I figured I'd check to make sure you weren't dead in a ditch.
Stranded in heavener oaklahoma
Day six bike touring: I fucked up royally and Cujo got hurt. His tail is sprained and he has a tiny bit of road rash and a chipped tooth. Could have been so much worse
On the suicide of the interstate here in MT... goddamn PICK US UP NIDJDJEKE
I'm at a bar where you can smoke and carve on the walls.