Papua New Guinea (1 Viewer)


Jul 23, 2012
Jakarta, Indonesia
Any chicas on here have travelled by themselves in papua? Or guys,,
I know they're notorious for their attitudes towards women - having read that they're worth as little more than turds...but I'll be traversing around there in a few days
Obvs not gonna hh solo, but any info you guys have picked up and wanna share?
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Sometimes traveler is traveling.
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Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
Very cool traveling plans there. :) Hopefully someone chimes in here of their travels there. I wonder if @wizehop has any knowledge of travels there or of anyone who has. :)


Oct 24, 2014
I had an uncle that travelled extensively in Papua. He wasn't hopping, hitching, or none of that, but he was traveling around with a friend of his who'd been living in the country his whole life. His stories are rife with roadside machete hold ups, untrustworthy locals, and incredible natural stimulants. Wish I could remember the name of the plant, but im sure it'll run into you in no time. Basically, I believe its the same as most places as far as solo female traveling goes. Its safer than they say, but buy yourself a machete anyways. Find a local you can trust and learn the lay of the land. Dont get eaten by cannibals.

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