Nov 17, 2017
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Oakhurst, CA
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Hello squatters! Long time reader, made an account back in 2011 to connect with someone for a ride east and then fell off the grid for awhile.. Now I’m out west in my favorite part of the country, NorCal, with my partner and our dog and we’re all doing the rubber tramping thing.

Currently residing in Arcata because mushrooms and because going much more north at the moment doesn’t sound appealing because of the temperatures. Some relatives are letting us housesit their place down in Atwater in about two weeks so in the meantime we’re just chilling and getting to know the area a little better. I spent some months hitching up and down the 1 back in 2014 and 2011 and had many adventures and lessons back then, this time around I’d like to assimilate a little more, maybe find a day job around here (cook by trade) and settle in. I think my long term plan is to become knowledgeable of the mushroom varieties around this part of the state or country over time and then commune with the mushrooms as teachers on this spiritual journey. Until then I’m just enjoying the scenery and the sweet smelling, good-vibes crusties in this area.

Anyway, good evening! I hope you, yes you, are doing well and I’m looking forward to lurking around as usual.

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VikingAdventurer wrote on sofarfromhome's profile.
Heeeyyy, buuddy!

How you been? Haven't heard from ya in awhile, so I figured I'd check to make sure you weren't dead in a ditch.
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