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Hello, I just bought a samsung tablet. It has a built in GPS that works offline. Now I wonder if I can download maps to use offline for biketouring and what programs or apps are good for this?
Thanks /Noa
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Nov 3, 2015
I recommend downloading the app! You download maps for offline and they are 'open maps' meaning that other travelers can add points of interest/nature things/camp spots to the map that you might otherwise not know about. And it's free!

Bikemap is a great app for bicycling routes and maps but in order to save maps offline, you have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription.

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Thanks a lot, I will check it out.

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i don't have a specific suggestion, but look into 'hiking' related gps apps, most will let you download maps for offline use and are geared towards being as accurate as possible.

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Dec 28, 2016
Well, Google maps has an offline maps option as well. Works great for most bike touring, let's you know when you need to update and is just plain easy. Gaia GPS is another app that can work well too. It will collect all sorts of data for you and there are tons of map overlays to help plan your adventure. The free Gaia GPS app is ok, but the premium is really where you get all the options. Then there is Strava, Ride with Me, Map Me, and a plethora of other apps.

Keep in mind battery life of tablet. In offline mode/airplane mode, with GPS on, it will still consume a bit of juice. For me, even with a Dyno hub, running GPS, and some pictures through a day plus listening to music my battery on my S7 will last almost one full day. A tablet has a bigger screen to power so battery probably won't last as long. I've tried it. If you are just pounding pavement that's fine. You should be able to find all sorts of places to charge up. Rural/isolated areas are different. Solar panels are great when you are stationary, but when moving are lacking alot of performance. Power Banks are great but add alot of weight.

Just a few things to keep in mind.
Enjoy the ride

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