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Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
I'm with @Hillbilly Castro on this one.

I understand that sexual assault has no place anywhere, and that one can never be truly forgiven for it.

But this idea of banning and shunning someone completely from a community (BTW is this A community, or YOUR community?) Because of a transgression, in this case, that the perpetrator has apologized for and accepted that he has a serious problem, is not the solution.

What will be next? And who will draw the line? I personally would like to see the people on this site that go around blatantly calling others racists, sexists, misogynists, nazis, ect. With their "higher than thou, I'm right you are wrong" attitude, stop what they are doing, but I will never call for them to be forcefully removed from this community, unless there is a poll, there is a danger to others, or the person refuses to stop, or endorses their behavoir.

@EphermalStick I respect you as a person, and as a moderator here, but I don't agree with you on this topic.

What Castro said about this causing a community to be more exclusive, and become smaller and smaller is absolutely right.

I believe that using others views and experiences as education and rehabilitating is much more important than swinging a giant ban hammer.

If certain people no longer want to associate with @Notmyname, I can understand, and that is their choice, but please don't make that decision for me. There is an ignore button for that.

And as far as public shaming is concerned, I'm all for it. But please, at least try talking to the person first beforehand.

Shaming can be useful, and it let's the community know about potential dangerous/shady activity, I'm for it. But I stand with my statement above.

@Matt Derrick if this post isint appropriate, don't approve it. But I couldn't keep my mouth shut on this one.

well, your first mistake is that @notmyname was never banned. he closed his account a few weeks ago, long after this discussion stopped receiving replies.

second, there's a world of difference between people calling each other whatever names online and sexually assaulting someone in real life. to even make that kind of comparison is ridiculous.

third, i could really give two shits about welcoming people into this community that think it's okay to commit sexual assault of any kind. if that makes the community smaller, then so be it. we don't need those kinds of people here.

fourth, a LOT of users mistake this section of the forums as an opinion column where anyone can voice what they think about situations that don't involve them in any way. this is false. this section is to alert people about potentially dangerous people they might encounter on the road. not what your opinion is about it. you're free to discuss this topic by creating another thread in a different section of the forums.

finally, @Coywolf i want to be clear that i'm not attacking you in any way or directing most of this at you, these are just a few things i felt needed to be said to clarify this situation. with that said, i believe this thread has run it's course and letting people continue to voice their opinions on the matter (instead of facts) will only cloud up the waters of this subject. so i'm closing this thread to further replies.
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This thread has been closed and cannot be replied to.

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