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Oct 3, 2020
I have walked out of every job I have ever had. Sometimes it was bad culture. Sometimes bad pay. Sometimes I just felt trapped.
I still remember the feeling of freedom walking out of the loading bay on my first job. $14.00 an hour union factory. My friend stayed there for several years and made 16.50 after a while. I just thought there was more to life.

I have been homeless off and on. Homeless shelters are terrible sometimes, but I have learned that if it is what you really want, you can always get back into the game. Once you have the basics provided, it is possible to scrape your way back up. Dayton, Ohio has been my home base for this. Did it three times. Homeless shelter, labor ready, labor works, or random guy in a truck. Buy a 30 day bus pass. Get a bad job. Get a better job. Get a place. back to the race.

I have been a dishwasher, busser, cook and waiter. I have volunteered and done odd jobs at church. I tried college twice. Online and in person. I have shadowed a plumber, a carpenter, and a landlord. I have worked at Menard's and Walmart stocking shelves. I have worked in many factories. Made automotive Glass and plastic parts. Slim Jims, Fireplaces. I have done distribution in a warehouse at DHL, and put together product displays and boxes at P and G. Ran a forklift. Been a production team lead. I have worked construction and demolition. I have done landscaping. I have worked on rooftops. I did work on gas meters going door to door driving a truck. I have written three books. I have worked online doing freelance transcription. I worked in a call center, in a cubicle, doing captioning for the deaf.

Never have I felt any better than I did when I walked out of a job and drove to Wyoming looking for Forest Fenn's treasure. ( I broke down on the way. I swear I almost had it)
Never did I feel any better than when I got my stimulus and took off in a truck with three strangers to do demolition in North Carolina. (I took the Greyhound back two days later)
Never did I feel any better than when I got my taxes and took a Greyhound to Tampa, Florida, stuck my toes in the sand, and slept on the street for two days.

The other day I overslept, missed work, and said screw it. Soon I'll be taking a Greyhound somewhere else with my last check. Winter is coming. I dislike snow. I was torn at first between the East and West Coast.

My plans now are to winter in Florida. Maybe Miami. I want to check out Norfolk when it get's warmer. In the summer I want to make my way to New York. I really want out of the US.

Somewhere.... somewhere is better. Somewhere is the particular brand of freedom I crave. I just have to keep looking. Maybe I already found it.
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sleeps 22 hours a day, eats chutes and leaves
Nov 3, 2015
Damn you've done it all! That's pretty rad.

I find that as much as I hate working and being tied down, theres nothing like the high and total in-the-moment-ness of hitting the road again after being tied down/working for a little while. Do you feel that too?

I used to live in Miami and really hated it, but the great thing is that you can leave anytime, and to be honest they do have some great beaches. Central and Northern Florida is where it's at, in my opinion! You can check out some springs.

Welcome to STP!
Oct 14, 2020
Everywhere (PNW is Home)
Wow bro that's pretty extensive work history. Have you found out what you truly enjoy work-wise? Ive worked a lot of temp jobs but nothing like that. I walked out many of my jobs too. Well, more like I worked bare minimum effort and they lay me off. But I don't care because I can get another one and Im free to go where I please anyways.


Nov 28, 2018
Wonderful read! Careful choosing where you want to crash in Miami though. Winters down here are gorgeous, just mind the wet wind when it gets chilly out. Best of luck!


Apr 6, 2013
Nice Intro... read very well, sounded like you were just having a cool conversation by the campfire.

Where do you want to travel outside the states? For me it would be the Mediterranean... somewhere around Greece and Italy maybe sailing the Ionian and Agean sea. Sounds like a nice dream...

So welcome to STP and good luck traveling Jack of all Trades.

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