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Mar 1, 2019
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hello anyone-

really glad i found this website, its been an awesome resource. thanks to anyone who’s been a part of it, especially owner matt.

a bit about myself.. my name is nicole & i enjoy writing, reading, and arty shit.. i dont have social media & im into getting ~oNe WiTh NaTuRe~ here and there (i can get a little too into herbs/crystals/tarot/astrology/etc hippidy-dippidy BS sometimes..). fluent in polish and spanish. ive been lucky enough that ive gotten some travel experience around the globe, but thats mostly been of the conventional sort. really just ready to get out there on my own now, with less material comforts/securities..

not too experienced in life, but thats what im trying to gain a bit of now. always learning.

ill be hitting the road for the first real time in 2 months, traveling from houston, tx to NYC with the pack on my back. i may be stopping in NYC longer-term or its possible that i’ll continue on from there with no other plan or destination (but thats something that’ll be determined once ive actually made it)..

ive been lurking/researching/gathering info for a while now, but figure ill be learning alot of what i need through experience once i throw myself out there. taking things as they come to me or i to them.

no solid plan, no time constraints, just trying to get from point A to point B through whatever means necessary.

the biggest thing thats been on my mind is traveling as a solo female- despite being comfortable on my own & with my independence, i cant ignore the reality of things sometimes (really thinking mostly about the night/sleeping or more vulnerable times..) (id be down for traveling with somebody, but ill get to more of that on a road dogs post, eventually)..

the little worries on my mind arent going to stop me though-- im pretty determined about this path of my life. i know theres only so much speculation and overthinking i can do before im all up in the shit.

thanks for taking the time to read about me.
maybe i’ll stumble across some of you out there
cheers & peace
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