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Jan 5, 2020
Hey, I literally just joined the platform. I'm also brand new to this idea. I'm in a bad situation and may need to relocate soon. I don't really have any place to go as far as staying with friends or family.
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Welcome to STP. I trust you will find some hope here. Hope is always available all though we can forget to seek it once its lost. While we do not know your situation; trust that we have all been in similar shoes. Knowing if & when to leave is a great skill to acquire over time. Preparedness & planning may help to limit your anxiety about the potential of relocating. Even when leaving bad situations we may find temporary situations that could be worse sometimes. Do know that nothing lasts forever especially, bad situations. Theres lots of stories, suggestions around here where you will surely find options & obtain survival skills. You may be able to find others who you can communicate with here too. Perhaps vocalizing what is going on will help you. Perhaps other members here could offer suggestions to help guide you out of your situation. There are endless possibilities out there & I trust that you will find your way. Be safe & good luck.
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Jan 5, 2020
Thanks! My situation is that I live with my sister who recently has impossible to live with. I can't stay any longer because of the verbal abuse.

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Hope is always available all though we can forget to seek it once its lost
So, I'm not trying to shit all over the idea of hope but I have a little different take on it. I feel like hope is something one could resort to when you absolutely have no control over an outcome. You're a passenger on a plane. Sure hope this motherfucker doesn't plummet into the sea. That's something I'd hope for. There's nothing I can do as a passenger to change the outcome. But in situations where you can change the outcome.. personally I feel it's a bad practice to wait on hope.

Example: You're a parent, you say to your child "I want you to clean your room" and the child responds back with "Yeah, I sure hope it gets cleaned" you're not really going to count on that. Hope for damn sure ain't coming along to clean that room up. So you take an action. Tell your child uhh no, we're not gonna hope it gets done I'm asking you to do it.

That's how I feel about hope. If you have absolutely any fucking way to influence the situation and put yourself in a better situation.. why not just take those actions rather than hope something changes, right?

Anyway, welcome to STP! I hope your situation improves stsw

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