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Dec 10, 2013
I am not exactly new to traveling, but the first couple of times I did so I was far from ready. I am the type that prefers to walk, or skate or bike. My problem is money, though. I do not have much and I need to save up and to get what I need at the same time.

I have a nice backpack but if I could find a better one I would purchase. But, what I need is a tent and a sleeping bag that can handle -10 degree weather, but lower could always help.

I also need a destination. Times are always changing, and Columbus, Ohio, used to be good to the homeless. (Apparently that changed about the time I arrived.) Does anyone know any places that treat the homeless well? With food and supplies.
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Oct 9, 2013
All in all humanity doesn't do much for it's fellows. It never did. IMO, everywhere and nowhere treats the homeless well. The homeless in east TN are pretty much spoiled and anyone that wants housing can get it and still their are homeless. Their's three different places that serve meals daily and five organizations devoted solely to the causes of the less fortunate in Johnson city alone. The cops follow a fairly lenient protocol with the homeless treating them, initially anyway, as a potential mental health admit and hold off on the clubs and jail time. The homeless will always be among us. I'm cynical I suppose but I don't/can't imagine anything improving really.


Oct 10, 2008
Stay away from big cities. there's just a lot of mentally ill old guys slowly dying as they push around shopping carts, and the younger cats are gonna be the ultraviolent crack & heroin addicts, not trustworthy. Small towns are okay as long as you're just passing through. I like smaller cities, or bigger towns, places big enough to have money and people but not so big as to be one of those places where nobody gives a fuck about anybody but themselves (big cities). If you hit up a rich town you can make good money flying a sign or spanging (just hold a piece of cardboard at a shopping center's outlet that says "Anything helps, thank you & God bless," or something to that effect). A lot of smaller cities in California have good money and no local homeless people, so they're not blown up. Hit college towns. College kids like to party, so be honest with 'em and tell 'em you're trying to get drunk or smoke some herb and they'll help you out. Plus college chicks are hot as hell, and sometimes you get lucky and go home with one. If you're going through Colorado, hit Boulder, it's a stopping point for traveling kids. If you're going through Texas, hit Austin, it's the exception to the rule that Texas sucks and also an exception to big cities sucking (long as you hang around campus and not in the ghetto). If you go to Cailifornia hit Monterrey. Lotsa money there, beautiful town. That's about all I got for now. Have fun, and good luck.

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