MPD: Homeless man arrested for beating another homeless man with guitar (1 Viewer) News & Blogs 


Aug 10, 2014
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MPD: Homeless man arrested for beating another homeless man with guitar

Skyler S. Goldsmith
Posted: Wed 12:23 PM, Oct 05, 2016


MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A 24-year-old homeless man was arrested after he admitted to beating another homeless man with a guitar.

Madison Police arrested Skyler S. Goldsmith on Tuesday for substantial battery.

Police say a seriously injured, unconscious 33-year-old man was found on a UW-Madison Arboretum hiking path near Seminole Highway on Tuesday afternoon around 2 p.m. There was a dog and pieces of a shattered acoustic guitar near him.

A witness told officers that he had seen a second man, believed to be Goldsmith, staggering down a nearby roadway covered in blood. Officials say Goldsmith also had a dog with him and was found passed out near a damaged, bloody guitar.

Police say when they awakened Goldsmith, he said he was taking a nap, announced he had just "won" a fight with a friend and that he had hit someone with a guitar.

The injured 33-year-old was taken to a hospital and is listed in critical condition with head injuries, according to authorities. His blood alcohol content was .47.

Goldsmith told police he is from Seattle, but now lives a nomadic lifestyle, hopping freight trains and traveling from city to city. He says he met the victim along the way and that they have been staying near State Street for a few weeks.

Madison Police say both the victim and suspect's dogs have been taken to the Dane County Humane Society for now.

Copyright 2016: WMTV

anyone met this guy before?
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I closed my account
I met this dude at harvest fest last weekend, like 2 days before this happened. His friend told me it was over a ziploc of top cigs. Also, although not exactly relevant, he was going by Johnny when I met him lol. His friend told me he was a piece of shit who used his dog to help him make money and never fed the thing. BUT I will say his dog was the sweetest thing ever so if he stays locked up there's a good chance she can be adopted(but there's also a big problem with college kids ditching their pets so the shelters might be full idk) I feel bad for the other guy and the dogs, they don't deserve that shit. Over some shitty cigarettes no less
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Gonzo Dobbs

Nov 2, 2019
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Austin, TX
shit i roaded it with this kid

didn't have a dog when i met him

he didn't seem too bad, but he did act like he was smarter than me which i didn't appreciate but really didn't care about either
I can vouch for the acting like he's so damn smart. He's not really all that dangerous though. He told me it was cuz the guy store his knife.

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