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HERES AN OLD ONE, must be 2006 or 7....

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The Vest of William Rutland Leffler, Ben Davis 10oz twill hand sewn.

Exemplified by the burning patrol car, disdain for law enforcement is a common sentiment amongst most all modern day hobos. This type of satirical imagery is regularly incorporated into punk and hobo fashions. While not all police are actually “bad” this type of imagery and dialogue creates solidarity within the traveling community. Especially for those who recognize and want to fight their systematically racist and oppressive history, which is still prevalent today.

“Candlemass” is a popular band from Sweden, and the patch was hand sewn-on with floss. Classified as doom metal, this is one of many bands popularized in the late 80’s-present within the freight train riding and crust-punk sub cultures. Hardcore, crust, thrash, grind, doom, are just few of the extremely aggressive music genres which are heavy laden with misanthropic and anti-capitalist ideals. These ideals, along with ones desire to live in a world which values life experience over material possession, push some folks further and further into the fringes of our society. And while on the road, they naturally build community through genuine kinships, rich with culture and meaning.

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