man quit job, restored a boat and sails around the world (1 Viewer)


Chasing the Darkness
Jan 4, 2009
Montreal, Canada
Popular fantasy...

This man quit his job, restored a boat and sailed around the world (VIDEO)
January 13, 2015

Filmmaker Kevin A. Fraser captures the incredible life of David Welsford—a young man from Nova Scotia who gave up his possessions and the conventional ways of life to sail around the world in pursuit of happiness, adventure and simple beauty. In the documentary, Welsford explains how he found his boat—a modest 50-year-old vessel spanning 28 feet—in a scrap heap, which he then restored to working and livable condition. After two years, Welsford set out for the first time in Puerto Rican waters and describes the emotional experience of setting out for the first time into the vast blue unknown.

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Karol Triskel

I deleted myself
Great story, never ending story :D Thats my way :D I hope I will met him in the future , somewhere :D Thanks for the news :D

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