Looking for like minded folx-- I'm middle aged but pretty hip lol (1 Viewer)


Jul 29, 2020
I'm 58 this month. Been dealing with depression and cptsd -- anxiety-- etc all my life, just recently got a handle on my fear of being out in the world without an anchor. Recently was homeless and it was scary but I think I could really enjoy being on the move instead of trying to hunker down in a ratty apartment somewhere. I get SSDI but not much...certainly it's enough to live on if I don't have a lease or whatever. I'm far left politically and have been active in the BLM protests in the area (NYC)... I've been an advocate for the homeless since becoming homeless myself a year ago (not currently homeless though, although could be any minute). I want to learn how to travel around and live life more fully than we do while boxed in apartments. I LOVE trains and planes and automobiles... can drive most vehicles and I have even flown a taildragger for a half hour in Alaska. I have family in Alaska, and hope to find a way up there one day to visit again. But mostly want to hook up with someone also interested in not being tied down to one place and seeking out what other places have to offer etc. I'm lesbian, prior service (but don't hold that against me lol), a gamer (Borderlands, Fallout, COD:MW, Crysis are my favorites)... I build gaming rigs for extra cash. Very free spirited and have lived off the grid before. Have a lot of homesteading knowledge.
I am very fond of animals, especially dogs, cats and horses. Used to live on a ranch and was the ranch foreperson for a while. I do not like hot humid weather very much unless I can get to some water to splash in lol. IDK what I am hoping for except to meet some people who are anything like me.
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Oct 6, 2018
NW Montana
Welcome man.

I was on my way to Alaska and then once I got to Montana I figured that was about as far north as I was willing to go.

I love Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Also one of my favorite movies.

I can and do get crazy depression and anxiety swings. I have a feeling something bad is gunna go down. Pretty sure I have ptsd.


Take care of yourself. I think it is very important to do something nice for yourself every day. Whether that is a cat nap in the shade or eating something yummy.

I feel like a lot of us are in the same boat right now.

Said it once

ill say it again, welcome.

also paragraph breaks are your frIend.


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