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SiCK cada

Apr 22, 2021
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sitting on a dick
I was recently able to find some more information on the slab city murder of my friend, Poe Black. I can share the article this is from upon request, but I don't want to share it completely because there is some misgendering and dead naming that I have fixed in the screenshots.

If you see this woman, please be careful. Not only because, ya know, she could be a murderer, but also because she has been violent and erratic to people around her on multiple occasions.

I would also warn about Cecil, but I do not know enough about that person, personally, other than that possibly he left with Knives around the same time and what other people said about his treatment of Poe. I interacted with Knives a lot while I was in slab city and feel like those interactions alone could warrant a post like this, but this on top definitely needs a place here.




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Jun 28, 2017
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Thank you for sharing this. I met Poe in Slab City last season as well and have been following this case.

If anyone has info on Knives and doesn't want to contact the police, I know many people connected to this case that can convey this information on their behalf.

FYI the information about Poe's partner, Cecil, leaving Slabs w/ Knives and traveling with her is 100% false. This was either mis-reported by the reporter or bad communication in the Sherrif's dept. Cecil identified the body long after Knives left Slab City.


Wise Sage
Aug 27, 2017
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Poe was my friend and campmate. He was a beautiful energy. He is missed by all of us.
I've been back at camp this week and have teared up a few times remembering a conversation here or smile in passing there.

I'll echo @ElderGreen9 .

If anyone doesn't want to interact with the investigators, feel free to send info to me.

And if anyone is holding information, but think you are saying fuck cops. You're actually saying fuck Poe/Legion. Someone was murdered. Knives is the top suspect for the police now. She has been all along for those of us closest to what happened.
I wish there was a better system in place. I don't like the idea of a trans POC woman in the crosshairs of cops, but I've been on the inside. I know facts vs rumors.
She's dangerous. I know of violent acts she's committed in multiple states. I know she fired a shot out of paranoia in our camp at night with other campmates and animals around.


Jan 5, 2017
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I imagine that the suspect, if they had any sense at all, has since moved from Oregon, altered their appearance, and isn’t doing a lot of interacting with anyone they consider to be connected to the community.

But they will get comfortable and stick their head out too far, eventually. Can’t run forever.

A bit of advice to anyone just starting out and hitting the road- If anyone ever introduces themselves to you as ‘Knives,’ get as far away from that person as possible.

That goes for ‘Killer,’ ‘Dead Body,’ ‘Satan,’ etc etc.

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