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Philip the Vagabond

I'm a d-bag and got banned.
Oct 17, 2019
Current Location
Ashland, Oregon
I have been traveling and camping full time alone for over six years. I limit myself to 11 western states. I like the dark skies, the public land, the scenery, the low population density, and the hot springs. I spend my winters in the desert southwest and my summers in the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies. In between times, I'm geographically in between. I try to avoid pesky bugs, hot nights, and lots of rain. I look for natural beauty and good company. I'm hoping to find good company here. I dislike cities, but I'm happy that so many people live in them instead of being spread across the countryside. I'm an omnivore and eat that way. You can eat what you want. I am not into anything religious, spiritual, or mystical (no woo-woo for me, thanks!). My politics are progressive. My background is in the sciences. I have no addictions. I tend to not stay anywhere for more than a couple of weeks and often much less than that. I have owned my truck since it was new 19 years ago and it's still dependable and quite capable.My truck can seat six and sleep three all at the same time if need be. I have an outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, and an outdoor toilet. I like to hike, to take photographs, and soak in hot springs. I do my best to leave no trace of my passing, but also try to decrease the impact of those who came before who often leave their trash. I like natural sounds when I'm out, not music, not people yelling, not dogs barking. Instead, I like to be able to clearly hear the wind, the water, and the wildlife. I do like to talk. It would be great if I could recruit one or more women to travel with me. I have the room. There's so much to see and do. And so much better when there is pleasant company to share the experience. If you think that we might get along, please contact me. Let's talk. And let's plan some adventures!


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Engineer J Lupo

Increasingly aggressive bro
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Dec 26, 2010
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530 Rackerby, California
It would be great if I could recruit one or more women to travel with me
I believe you've missed an important part of the website rules, allow me to highlight it for you. A link for your convenience, section 5 titled "Sexual harassment will not be tolerated"

"If any member of the website sends you an unsolicited message of a sexual nature via forum thread or private message, please use the report link below the message to notify the staff. Due to a recent influx of Facebook sleezebags, we are extending this zero tolerance policy to include situations such as but not exclusive to: truckers looking to give rides to travelers in exchange for sexual favors, the creation of threads solely for advertising for a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, or any other kind of 'I need to get laid' post. This isn't a dating site, so fuck off and go somewhere else. Civil discussion of an adult nature is absolutely permitted, preferably in the Sex & Relationships forum."

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