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Just want to introduce myself. I am another middle aged man - husband, father, grandfather, and wannabee freight trainrider. I will spend the next days and weeks reading all I can in the archives/library here. Brian Cray told me this would be about the best place to perhaps find a sympathetic soul to hold my hand as I find my way. I am semi-retired - we run a small cafe - and Imam not getting any younger, so it’s now or never. Please humor me.

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Jul 20, 2018
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Welcome Aboard! You're in the right place!

Age is just a number, don't let age get to you! There's many out there around your age traveling alternatively! Get out and have fun!

There's plenty of excellent information here. I Highly recommend to read Matt Derrick's book: The Anarchist's Guide to Travel and The Hobo Handbook A Field Guide to Living by Your Own Rules by Josh Mack-available on Amazon. Good Luck!

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Thanks dor the warm welcome, looking real forward to getting to know likeminded people, and pursuing a dream. Got a plan in place already, thanks to another member. Cheers, folks

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