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Ezra Fyre

Aug 15, 2018
New Orleans
Since Matt said I did this wrong the first time ::wacky:: I'll try this again...

Hi to the forum!

Introduction (about me): I'm female, I go by Ezra, I have lots of cats.

(more info getting to know more)
I'm a Houseie, and I've pretty much always been a Houseie. I have never hopped a train. I have never, myself, hitch-hiked. Nor have I traveled, not really. Once as far east as Billings MT, to pick up a friend; and otherwise primarily the west coast. Still not what would be considered extensively, at any rate.

I'm from Spokane, WA; originally. I've lived in various locations, mostly around within WA; but also in north ID (high-school), and briefly CA (I got stuck). When I was 18, in Spokane, I bought a house. All my street friends would come crash and party at my house. And those friends would bring their friends, etc. Eventually this got me robbed enough times, added with other factors, I decided to run away from home.

In 2005 I decided to move to New Orleans, without ever having been before. Was on my way with 2 friends when we all got arrested trying to get out of Montana. My 1st time ever getting arrested. Sitting in jail that weekend, I got to watch non-stop news coverage of New Orleans & hurricane Katrina. Going before the magistrate on Monday, I got my first/only criminal conviction – class C misdemeanor: possession of paraphernalia. While I did make it out of Montana, I didn't make it to New Orleans, that year.

my Biggest Travel – Moving by myself from Washington to New Orleans. It took me 5 years to actually make it to New Orleans. I got to Nola at 4:20 pm (I hate pot, it gives me migraines, but all my friends love the stuff, so 4:20 is EASY to remember and humorous) on October 31 (yup, Halloween – again, EASY to remember) 2010 (also, Easy to remember) So, arrival, 4:20 pm, Oct. 31, 2010.

Why did it take 5 years? After getting arrested, I was broke and I had to go back to Washington – initially to take one friend back home & wait for the other to get out of jail. I moved to Port Orchard to spend the winter with my sister & get a job to make gas $. Issues in her family had me playing couch surfer around the Puget Sound area, instead. Spring found me a job – temporary, as I was intending to finish my move to Nola. Instead a request from a different sister, had me driving to Los Angeles to be in her wedding. My ID got lost right before I left for Cali, but I ordered a new one & a gf was supposed to mail it to me – never came. No ID = no job = no $ = no move. This had me staying with friends in Palmdale, CA. Applied for a Cali drivers license, but it never arrived in the mail. Landed a job anyway, temporarily, before going back to Washington and be a brides maid in another wedding. First job back also encompassed a new boyfriend. I tried the move once, made it to Idaho before my mama's boy boyfriend had a fit and had to go home. After that, I bounced around the Seattle area for about 3 years. A couple more jobs, and a serious relationship, which ended badly –

I was FINALLY able to drive, by myself (as taking anyone is clearly cursed) across country – for the first time. I got lots once or twice & tried to see some neat things, somehow were always closed when I went through. I took lots of pictures anyway. I didn't have enough gas money and I knew it. Winter was setting in across most of my route. I had a self appointed deadline of “By Halloween!” to reach Nola. None of that lent itself to much sight seeing, but that was my grand adventure. 2005-2010 moving from Spokane to New Orleans. I've been here ever since.

Longer more storied version of these years are available, should anyone be curious enough to want to know them.

Otherwise, I believe that concludes Hi My Name IS... If you've got question about anything with me, feel free to ask.
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sleeps 22 hours a day, eats chutes and leaves
Nov 3, 2015
Welcome to StP and thanks for sharing your story! :D (Also - glad you got in touch with your missing friend!)

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey....right? :p

You should definitely share some photos and stories! I for one would be interested in seeing them

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