Homemade jam from mulberries I picked in my backyard =] (1 Viewer)

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Rover Damn

Mar 13, 2012
Dude its true we got tons of mulberries out here but dont try and make wine with them till after primary fermentation because berries have a tendendency to stop your yeast which is nice if your ready for it! Also elderberries=ass


Jul 19, 2011
mulberries are the shit. I've heard that if you eat them when they're not yet ripe, they can make you hallucinate. I remember late last summer i saw 2 wood pigeons fall out of a mulberry tree and stumble around because they'd gotten drunk eating the rotten berries, and their feathers were all stained pink, it was quite a funny sight.

Too many elderberries make me feel kinda shitty though, they contain a small amount of cyanide. But the flowers are great for adding to your water. Also, the wood of the elder tree has a very soft inner pith and the shoots are very straight, so you can just hollow them out with a coat hanger or something and make pipes/chillums and blowguns n shit. Very handy tree.

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