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DIY portable stove.

pepsi can stoves rock! using tall boy cans is best.
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Sep 27, 2009

A short video available for viewing or downloading describing the steps for building a small single pot VITA stove. The VITA stove is inexpensive to construct and seems suitable for outdoor cooking in refugee situations. Printable pdf instructions here.

Also, video on how to build a Rocket Stove with DIY firebrick; similar to the the VITA stove mentioned above, but more efficient.


Jan 15, 2011
i use a cat tin punch eight holes around and use isopropyl as fuel. it takes a couple tries to find out how high the whole have to be. you get a rough estimate of the fuel it takes for 5min to 20. the flame is kind of transparent but, the heat isnt. Anyone know if isopropyl is bad to burn?


StP Supporter
May 31, 2009
Winnipeg, MB
This is the stove I made last summer. I've found denatured alcohol hard to find, and ma just using IPA or Methanol HEET anti-freeze. Just for heads up, if you're using any sort of denatured alcohols, you may not want those fumes burning into your food. Those "denaturing" chemicals are intentionally poisonous. Cover up your food.



Dec 15, 2011
gonna try and build some soda can stoves soon and see how they work!

i was gonna mention alcohol soda can stoves and searched and found this thread.


Aug 12, 2012
Allovah, Nunya
OK, this is what I do for cooking. Do this in town so you can wash your hands afterwards. Get a jar of Vaseline and a bag of cotton balls. Empty the vaseline out of the jar and save it. Then, one by one, knead the vaseline into the cotton balls and throw them in the jar. Go to a Big 5 Sporting goods on the west side of the USA, and pick up a firesteel. Looks like a round stick of black metal and a piece of metal. Scrape the tube with the metal and you get hot sparks. Now you have a compact way to start a fire in seconds that weighs maybe half a pound at most. Smoke = less mosquitos. When I am in the yard/woods, I use a stick to get a vaseline ball out and two twigs to spread it out. Hit it with a spark and you have an oil fire. Burns for at least a minute and you don't have to mess with paper and leaves and all that, go straight to small twigs and build it up. Don't use your hands on the vaseline because you will never get it off. I always carry an empty washed out can wrapped in plastic grocery bags for hot coffee in the morning. I always carry my gallon jug and a metal bottle for coffee. Just pour some water into the jug before you add the hot coffee and you don't burn your hands. The plastic bags for the can keep the inside of your pack from looking like a coal car. Cooking in it gets it dirty and long rides get gross fast. I just carry cans of chili and ravioli. If you actually cook it you won't get diarrhea because the heat breaks down the preservatives that are the culprit. Is canned food heavy? Dang straight, but whatever - Get stronger! Carry a few cans of chili and you get stronger and have the legos to rebuild the muscle. For fish, just wrap them in about 1/4 - 1/2 inch of river clay after you gut them and throw it in the fire. Two hours later... Two halves of fish in pottery bowls. My laptop is heavy enough, I try to make everything else as light as possible to make up, but a laptop means google maps when you land in a library, Mc Donalds, outside starbucks, whatever. 10 minutes and I know where EVERYTHING is in town at any hour. You know how it is, sometimes you don't even know what state you are in when you hop off.

- Monterey

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