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Rusty Possum

Mar 31, 2019
Current Location
Austin Texas
Howdy folks, names Nicholas, aka Rusty aka Possum.
I currently live in Austin, I work full time as a pizza chef in a bar. Recently sober from booze and going through the steps. At the moment I'm renting a lease on a house, but after that's up everyone wants to go there separate ways leaving my situation up in the air. I'm hesitant about signing another lease elsewhere as I believe my time in Austin is soon coming to an end. I may turn back to couch surfing, but being homeless is a real possibility at the moment. I dont have a car or know how to drive so if I dont couch surf my only other options would be the streets, a shelter or trying to find a place to squat.

I've never really been homeless before so it's kinda stressful, and I dont want to leave yet because I still need to save money to even try to get anywhere else.

I'm also an aspiring musician and anarchist, I would like to form a punk band and travel, but atm my life is in a weird transitional period.

Hope y'all are well.
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Jan 21, 2017
Current Location
Houston, tx
Homeless is more a state of mind. You're only homeless if you think youre homeless. I live without walls but im not homeless. The earth is my home. Walls are barriers shielding you from the perfectly imperfect reality of life. Do you want to be comfortable or adventurous? Hard to be both.


Mar 29, 2019
Current Location
st. paul, Minnesota
good luck with whatever happens, learning to drive ain’t hard in america as long as you have a place to stay for a few weeks and someone with a license to chill with. also good luck with your band! im in the process of trying to form one myself <33

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A lot has happened since returning to California. Just two days after returning from the road, I grew the courage to leave my abusive SO and stop hiding her abuse. I returned to my hometown in the Bay Area; I’m now going to stay housed up here until next summer as I recover from trauma and save up for my next adventure. I’ve just gotten a job offer, and will be renting a room of my own here!
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