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Jan 19, 2015
Land of Oz
I am new here and was just reading while lurking when I saw a post about a DIY heater that reminded me of a different heater I know of. Since it's cold weather season I thought I'd post to share before I forget.

All you need is a 2-piece terracotta flower pot in the size of your choice and a candle or other flame of proportional size. Place a candle on the saucer piece of the pot. Then turn the pot upside down so that the small water hole is sticking up and place it over the flame on the saucer. The candle will heat the pot with the smoke going out the water hole and the saucer will catch all the wax and help make sure you don't make a (potentially deadly) mess. Just make sure that the area around it is clear of anything that could catch fire or be hazardous.

I have used this since childhood in all sorts of situations when I've been without power or adequate heat. Power outages, car trouble, winter weather, camping, etc.
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Jan 19, 2015
Land of Oz
It seems to work best with the plain pots, not ones that have been painted or glazed, which also tend to bleed moisture. I don't do science but I know it is also best with a pyramid shaped pot. Something about thr shape conducts the right amount or whatever. Obviously the bigger the pot and candle, the more heat you will get. I usually take a pot that is the 16-18inch around size and use those big candles that come in the pack for $10 @ Walmart. I do a few of them and place them on the floor strategically.

I knew a girl who would do this but place it in a large bowl of water to make a more humid room.

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