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Oct 8, 2020
Hi, my name is Fernando, im spanish and i plan to travel all over my country when i finish studying so i can meet new people and discover other ways of living. I study arts and make (mostly) electronic and industrial music. The reason im here is to learn from other peoples experiences when travelling the way i intend to, and maybe make some new friends :)
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Apr 6, 2013
hey welcome to stp...

I like your positive attitude., it's cool that your working on electronic music...

reminds me of my young days I used to listen to more techno/DJ/club music... I think there was a nightclub called industry somewhere around here... I can't remember exactly but they had great foam parties and everyone had glow sticks and vodka and red bull and ... stuff.


I sound lame I know... but still...

If you do record some music it would be great to share.


Aug 9, 2020
Were you in Toronto, Odin? Industry is still pretty highly regarded in the scene (or, at least, it was when i lived in Toronto 10 years after it closed). See Then & Now: Industry.

On Spain, i have only been once for a couple of weeks, i mostly hung out in Almería and the surrounding area. It's close to where a lot of spaghetti westerns were filmed, and it's got some really wild landscapes on the train ride down. Cabo de Gada is also nearby with lots of tomato farms and some hiking trails. I know a couple of buskers who love all of Andalucía. Especially in Sevilla and Granada there are apparently quite a few cool places to hang for traveling flamenco folk. The weather is fantastic too. I also visited Motril briefly and wish i could've stayed longer, lots of sugar cane out there and rum to drink. Just thinking about it makes me want to drop everything and go back. Canada is too damn cold.
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