Mar 25, 2019
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Pittsburgh, PA
Hey everyone!

I been lurking for bout half a year now. I was in school when I started lurking, and now that Im out I thought this would be a great resource for my new-found freedom. I am sad to find that I have wrapped myself in a lot of shit while I was at it, and am now stuck where I'm at (Pittsburgh) for now. Ive hitchhiked around MX with some homies when I stayed with them at their squat, and stumbled on StP after, while researching about hitchhiking Pgh to DC and about squatting in general, considering that its my dream to occupy someplace in the future. There are many abandoz in Pittsburgh that the city obviously doesn't care about, so while a lot are in shit condition, I got a homie who's a fixer-upper and he's showing me how to do some stuff, so I could def turn someplace real cool over time pretty cheap if not free (need to check out how easy it is to get free building material scraps here). At the same time, I don't want to waste energy on a place, cause you better bet the second the cops see someone up in the abandoz they'll strike for some bs and the city will suddenly want to sell the place. Anyone have any experience with this or know of a previous post that talks about how to navigate this successfully?

Peace, signing out and back to lurking for now,
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