Feb 1, 2018
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Been a lurkin' for a long time, and wanting to finally give a shout to all misfit travellers here! From southern Ohio and have been dreaming of the great escape the past couple years. Still scared to leave my Homebum fortress though. I know I must do this for myself but what helped some of you finally grab the pack? I want to believe my preconceptions about travel are all wrong, people are known to lie from time to time.
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Mar 30, 2018
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Cooperstown, Ny
I hit the road because if I did not. I knew I'd end up a junkie because there was nothing going on in my hometown. Found out that there's nothing going on in anyone's hometown to those who grew up there on that 8300 mile round trip along the coasts and back through the upper part of the US. But I grew up with six older sisters and one older brother who all had hitched cross country (CT-CA) and back. So it was no big deal. My first night I slept in the divider between the north/south highway. Set up a tent in the brush. Woke up, boiled some water on a little stove, made a hot chocolate, realized that wasn't too bad, packed up and stuck my thumb out to start day two. ~ peace and 8 out of the 10 friends I left behind DID become Junkies and died within 3-10yrs


Oct 20, 2015
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Minneapolis, MN, United States
Had I not started traveling, I would have either stayed in Shreveport to be a homebum around people that I knew, or stayed in Colorado to homebum around people I knew. The big motivator was that if I was going to be homeless, I was going to enjoy myself and not be around people that I knew. At first, I travel from place to place seeking out a new home, but broke my own heart with the heavy disappointment when things didn't work out. After suffering some exposure in a Philadelphia winter, that put me into a different perceptive of enjoy the journey over trying to settle down. I got the most joy out of my other locations until I came to Minneapolis.

I wasn't planning on staying. The original plan was to continue west, but I got a cavity, so I signed up for healthcare. I saw that they had a lot of job connections, so I got a job because it was easy. Knowing how harsh the weather is, I had made up my might that I would look for a place to stay and if I didn't find one I would buy my bus ticket to my next location. I've been here for 2 years! I did a mini round of traveling this past winter, and it was great to have a home to return to!

Unfortunately, the twin cities has rapidly changed into a place I no longer desire, so I will likely resume traveling next year. I am grateful the ability to have options, and be motivated to do what I can to have the life I want to live! :)


Born Wild
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Mar 22, 2017
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Fairfield Idaho.
I started Hitch hiking for fun when I was drunk @ 15 Years old I finally got packed and moved out of state when I was 20 years old twice convicted felon obsconding probation that was about to nab me up. I now own two school buses tie-dye hobby business which I suck at but I love the lifestyle I’m learning how to travel was a vehicle a large one out there but I did get the most serenity and peace you ever find is on the side of the highway man With your thumb out


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Feb 8, 2018
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Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
My travel name is actually homebum haha. Met and hung with alot of travellers and punks but only fucked around my home town. Finally a couple travelling through one day was like why are you still here, come with us. I guess i was ready, cause thats exactly what i did. Now ive lived and travelled all over my country and a good portion of yours. I always wanted to roam and finally just did.

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