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Jun 28, 2018
Grand Rapids, Michigan
I can't begin to describe the level of happiness I felt when I stumbled upon this site. I have always been an adventurer/free spirit. Most of my childhood and teen years were spent hunting/fishing/camping in various northern Michigan woods. After high school, I began living the basic 9-5 life and haven't really felt like I was going anywhere with it. Long story short, my outlooks on life have changed drastically and I no longer wish to slave my time away making other people's dreams come true. My goals are to catch out of Grand Rapids in the next week, and begin my long trek to the west coast where I will find a place that truly feels like home to me. I'm new to riding the rails btw, so please be understanding if I ever say something using bad terminology in the future, haha. Please be sure to correct me though as I wish to learn as much as possible! Anyways, thanks for reading this. Hopefully I'll get the chance of meeting a lot of you in the future!
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Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
Well hey - sorry I didn't get to you sooner with holiday and all - welcome to STP!! We have a great resource section(s) for most of what you need for traveling - plus a very cool and personal favorite - urban explore subforum.

Very glad you found us. I also grew up very very rural - it was fields, pig and cow farms, swamps and raspberry fields, abandoned farms, creeks and it was a most lovely childhood. We had frogs, preying mantis, snakes and cool things. I live in the city now as a housed person but one who guides and hosts travelers for this site and another facebook group. I do miss what I had as a kid as I do not have that where I am now. Maybe in the next couple years or so.

I hope you find what you are looking for. But do research our info on train hopping etc - we have some extensive info there. If after you have not found what you need or need more verification - do ask questions - we have people who can answer. :)

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