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Hi guys! Im wolf, I live in brazil, but I travel a lot, and I finally got some money, and after almost 2 years of planing, Im finaly going to US!! Ive been to squats in south america, in montevideo, buenos aires, recife and occupations in my hometown, but here in brazil we dont have much trains, so never had chance of train hoping yet.
Im called wolf cause is what my last name means, I am basicaly vegan but trash food is not giving profit to slaughter houses,so.... Also I am anarchist since I was 13, but I got into punk around 14, and started understanding shit when i was 15, but still,.. I also have depression I work my best for dont kill myself every so often. Im not a dude but I aint a chick either, I accept any pronoum (pronoums in portuguese is weird so in english I dont rly give a fuck what you use for me), Pansexual and very friendly, and chill as fuck, but not if you are rascist, sexist, transfobic,homophobic, nationalist or fascist.
I play drums, but am learning to play guitar and know something of harmonica, I think Im like I am cause both my parents are artists, even tho they dont support many of my life choises, I smoke weed everyday, drink when i have something to drink and do other stuff too, but Im not adict to nothing,..
I a huge nerd, I like animes, comics, games and shit, but honestly my biggest love is music, love gangsta rap, crust punk, grindcore, hardcore, reggae, ragga, death metal, black metal, folk punk, and many other shit
I finished highschool early(I was about to drop out when I made a test we have here and got acepted at an unversity ) and now Im at an university "studing" geography, tho I am basicaly dropping out of it, I cant stand this shit.
Im an activist, with plenty experience, if you saw on the news when we invaded the congress in Brazil back in 2013, you problably saw some picture of my comrades and I on the middle of the people haha.
I found this forum when someone on tumblr recommended me, since I traveling to US in july, and hell knows for how much time I will be there, I rly needed help with anything, I basicaly know nobody there and any help would be nice, and by help it could be just someone to hang , or helping finding somewhere to sleep!
Well, I think this cover most what I wanted to say,so idk, if anyone want to talk just send a message.
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Hey Wolf! I'm Sarah. You seem pretty damn awesome and I think we could get along just fine. I will be on the west coast of the US by the time you get here. Feel free to PM me if you would like to keep in touch. We can play some music :cool: You will find a lot of information here that I'm sure will help you as much as it has helped me.


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Jan 4, 2009
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but here in brazil we dont have much trains, so never had chance of train hoping yet.

Man you got lots of trains in Brazil, they are slow as fuck but its doable. I was down there not to long ago:

brazil mini.jpg

Either way man, welcome!
Dec 23, 2014
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Welcome. :) I hope you have good time in US. About depression thing, I think it's quite common to have it, with this kind of lifestyle.. At least I feel you, I think you will find lot of supporters in this page. :)

anarco wolf

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Man you got lots of trains in Brazil, they are slow as fuck but its doable. I was down there not to long ago:

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Either way man, welcome!
I mean, I live in the capital in the middle of the country, and trains usualy go by the coast and north, most of the prodution go on trucks here, is easier to get a ride with them , we dont have that much trains cause of the politics that happened 50 years ago, but anyway , I never rode a train so haha

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