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May 27, 2019
Tacoma, WA
I stumbled across this site via Cornelius Vango and Community Coz's YouTube videos. We decided we wanted to escape from "Babylon" (Coz's name for the rat race). We had tried before to form a community out in the sticks North of Spokane, WA but we lost the property. We had to start over and landed in Tacoma, WA. Tacoma, WA as well as the entire Seattle metro area has been becoming uber gentrified. And it keeps getting worse. Renting a house, we wondering if we'd end up getting priced out of this house, having once been priced out of a previous house. So we found an RV at a great price. We buying into a fairly laid back RV community in Olympia. However we want to snow bird so I started looking into Slab City for the winter months. (Hence, finding Corn and Coz). We never were fully into Babylon in the first place, so we are going to take another shot at living our dream. Our dream is to hook up with other "real" people and chuck all the BS this society shoves on us. Nice to "meet" you all.
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Mar 22, 2017
Welcome to STP fuzzy peaches! You'll find a wealth of community and information here some of the most badass roughest toughest no bullshiting est people you'll ever meet. There's not a lot of us who fit into Babylon here

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