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Sep 14, 2020
Hey folks. My name's Kyle and I'm a Floridian looking to get out of the state and see what goes on up North.

I don't have much travel experience under my belt but I'm looking forward to changing that sometime by the end of the year or into next year, once some of this COVID stuff settles down. I've been a lurker of subreddits such as /r/vagabond and similar outlets for quite a bit of years. The stories of excitement, tension, hardships, and wild experiences have really motivated me to want to get out of the house and create some of those experiences for myself, maybe even share them with others.

My current plan is to catch out for the first time along the East coast starting from Miami and see how it goes. I don't have any experience but I'm continuing to read up into it all until the day I pack up and leave. If anyone would be willing to help a homie out, I'd be willing to spare a couple of drinks/meals for ya.

Anyway, I hope to become a frequent face around here.
Safe travels everyone!
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Jul 20, 2018
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Welcome to StP!!! You're in the right place!!! I wish you the Best!!!! I've never been to Florida but had many chances. my sister lived there in Sarasota , FL. I'm more of a Western States guy, but someday, I'll make it to there. Again Welcome Aboard!!!
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