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Aug 19, 2016
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So i met this couple on one of my first times on the road and they gave me a few pointers and we hung out for a night. They were good company and good kids. They took care of my dumb ass when i accidently got too drunk in a bad area. I can barely remember the night.
This was probably late summer of 2015 in Aberdeen Wa. I think they were headed to Portland.
Anyway Greg had short brown hair and liked to wear shirts with cutoff sleeves. I think he had a Sublime one. He also went by Wiki I believe.
His GF Sunny had short blonde dreads and was skinny and played the Uke.
At this time they said they had been on the road 10 months and were tryin to settle down to buy a van I think. Maybe in Colorado? Not sure. Oh and they had a dog the adopted off the road. Maybe a pit?

Anyway just curious what happened to them and wanted to say: "Hey! Im still on the road! Wbu?"
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