Greetings from the 101st


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Mar 9, 2013
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Atlanta, GA
Well, I just noticed I should have written an about me in this than in my about me section... but yeah, this is my story up until now as I wait patiently for my phone to reboot at the Greyhound here in Atlanta, GA.

So this is something that I need to do. My buddy and I were in the 101st since we left boot 4 years ago and have been together ever since our first fucked up combat jump. We were a good team. He was the Spotter, I was God. Well, suffice it to say, we got separated after he qualified for a command position and I made the Specs. The rest is history until 7 months ago. He Skyped me from the infirmary at Rammstein; he lost his left leg and right arm to an IED and was still internally bleeding from shrapnel all over. He was awarded the silver star for his bravery. And well, besides kissing A LOT of ass, I had to go see him before he died, so I hopped on the next transport to Rammstein and took my leave days with me.

There, he told me to do something for him and to promise him that it had to be done. I just nodded thinking he was going crazy from all that morphine. But he told me I had to listen.

So I listened. He told me to tape the map of the USA wherever or however I liked it just so long as he can point to it from his left arm. So I did. Then he took out two darts and told me wherever his dart lands, he will start there, and find a woman that will love him regardless of how strange the circumstance is. For me, wherever my dart lands, I get the same treatment.

So he threw his, it landed just shy of Salt Lake City, Utah. We laughed and called that a challenge among challenges. I threw mine and it landed in Atlanta, Georgia. And he made me promise that I would do this, and to give him my word. I did.

It's been two weeks since his funeral. And in his will he left me that map, and his dog tags I almost choked on back in our Iraq days (very long story).

So, now I am on my trek. I just got off the Greyhound here in Atlanta and I have no clue what the fuck I am going to do. And my mission is to find love here.

I would seriously like to have some help. Better start from the ground up.

After all, a promise is a promise.

Besides all that, I'm in Atlanta, and I need to stay here until I find love. I'm starting penniless and I I have no clue where to go or what to do. Still researching though as I type this.


Mar 2, 2013
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Good luck bro, I am about to start my journey here in the next few hours.. Maybe one day we could meet up have a drink or something?
From here on out make this life what you want! :D


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Dec 15, 2011
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damn, i wish i knew ANYTHING about atlanta or was close enough to help.

seriously, this fucked my head up when i read it.

good luck from the west coast!

i assume you are now separated from the army?

if not man, just go on back and face their music and get it over with.


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Jan 26, 2012
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Interesting story.Atlanta can be a sketchy place.if you wanna meet some travelers or interesting characters head on over to 5 points.You'll meet someone for sure down in that area lol.Have fun I know where I would be going.


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Dec 25, 2008
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outside omaha
your story is full of holes. What sniper school did you go to? please prove me wrong. if you are a sniper and you did serve, you are owed respect for your service. i will eat my words, gladly. but the way you speak, makes all you say suspect. besides the 82nd rules and the 101st drools.
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