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I figure a couple of ya'll out there have a boob tube and I got a thinking (yup, there's smoke)! We get D*SH Network and Canadian TV down here by simply downloading the code (yeah, pay-per-view and the girly channels b4 u ask).

I have a ViewSat Ultra. Buy the box and the codes are downloaded whenever they change for free. www.ftalife.com is a good site to get an example of how EASY this shit is. Stands for Free-to-Air. U can pick up ANYTHING that ur LOS will ping into a satellite.

If anyone is seriously interested in it, let me know and I'll walk u thru it and send pix of our satellite set-up out here.

Oh, they haven't rigged a portable unit yet! :)
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Aug 4, 2006
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wow, sweet! ive been hearing about stuff like this. as ridiculous as it might sound, id like to one day have a dish rigged on the school bus im buying next month. i think it would be neat to keep up with the news, etc, especially if i could get other stations from outside the country. anyways, yeah, id love to hear your advice!


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I couldn't figure out how to embed the photos of our system so I made a new album and u can view it.

This is the nuts and bolts of it. The firmware described is simply a memory stick which you will download the 'key' for paid transmissions. This is a delicate matter as, in theory, this is illegal. No way to detect, though, as u simply create a user account @ the site I discussed earlier in whatever name you choose. There are pay sites that may give u a bit more info, but www.ftalife.com is what we've always used without problems.

Additionally, you could buy your product anywhere, but that's up to you. I submitted a post inquiring as to the specifications you were interested in and will, verbatim, copy the answer. One note here, which goes without saying, if you're gonna buy ANYTHING get you a 'drop' card and address. You can get a card, prepaid, @ most check cashing joints. All the info I've given you is in the 'clear' as it is public info. I will probably pm u a more detailed set later tonight or tomorrow.

A Free to Air Satellite receiver (abbreviated FTA receivers) refers to satellite receivers that are designed to receive unencrypted FTA satellite transmissions. Using these satellite receivers, one can legally receive TV signals without subscription. The signal is typically encoded in an MPEG-2 video and may be restricted geographically. In some places around the world, people can receive encrypted Free to Air satellite channels through the UHF and VHF band. The channels transmitted through Free to Air satellite are received by utilizing a common MPEG-2 video compatible satellite receiver. Many people use FTA to receive thousands of satellite TV channels free of charge. The equipment needed for you to enjoy the freebies are FTA receiver (and here one has a choice between Pansat, Coolsat, Conaxsat, and many other great brand names) and a satellite dish within the specifics within the specifics required by the satellite one wishes to point at. However, many satellites only require a standard DTV compliant dish that can be easily found in any satellite TV or electronic store. Both C-band and K-Band dishes work just fine. If you wish to receive channels from more than one satellite, you will also need to have an antenna motor. And then of course you will need the LNBF.

Once one has gotten the hold of the two pieces of hardware, one may then start with the pointing of the dish. In order to complete this, one needs to have a coaxial cable running from where the dish is and making its way to the FTA receiver which should be connected to the television. Usually this is the most difficult part. Though pointing the dish is not very difficult, many people would prefer to hire an experienced person agile enough to fix it on the roof of the house. But perhaps before one does that, it would be advisable to look for online resources possibly by checking out a couple of FTA support websites and the good ones will support you with the current FTA keys, files, software , updates and troubleshooting help. If you are going to buy FTA support, you may scout for the best site by sending them an email and taking note of the wait time before they reply. And this opportunity may also be utilized to know whether that particular site uses automated reply or not.

Once that is done, then you may go about the business of pointing the dish. You will need to go to the options of the FTA receiver and select the actual satellite that you will point at. It is also likely that you will be required to load some firmware updates. The FTA keys will need to be entered manually, and so its important you familiarize yourself with this process. Entering FTA keys usually involves entering the setting up screen of whichever the receiver that you own and find the key code section of the setup. But a key point to remember is that each satellite receiver is different and the settings may vary.


Mar 20, 2009
the codes change from time to time to so youll have to keep up on that. they usually hack em and post them on the internet though. its still worth it though. you can get satellite dishes from goodwill dumpsters sometimes.

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