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Mar 28, 2016
Chicago, Illinois
Hi! Some friends and I are traveling West from Indiana, besides slab city, what are some other camps, farms, or communes out there? We should be hitting most of the states west of Indiana. Thanks!
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Jun 13, 2012
Berkeley Calif
Do some research online. There are sites dedicated to finding communes.
Yeah, is a great resource. They at least used to put out a textbook sized directory I used to flip through for hours...

We put together a list of collectives all around the world too:

and I started a thread on here about Black Bear Ranch, if you all happen to visit there it would be cool to know what you all think...


Mar 27, 2014
If you would like to come to an intentional community that farms and strives to get by with less money, you can come to a community on a piece of land in Tennessee called Shut Up N Grow It or SUNGI with 21.5 acres of farmland and forest. It is at 8967 Galen Road, Lafayette, TN 37083. Anyone is welcome to come with no notice or permission necessary. We ask $10 a week and help out on the farm for 20 hours a week doing whatever you feel is needed or think you can contribute. It is an off-grid egalitarian community where community decisions are made in councils. We seek to live an ecologically sustainable way of life and one that is more natural in many other ways. Many travelers also come here. We have a drinking water source, gardens, farm animals, outdoor kitchen, outhouse, shelters, camping places, library, etc. Private message me if you have any questions or in the comments. Thank you.


Aug 1, 2016
Boston, MA
Go on... :)

Who owns the property? How are decisions made? Your FB page said good people left because bad people came, but that you have a good group now. How are you running things differently to attempt to prevent that from happening again?


Mar 12, 2016
New Orleans
kinda interested in finding a commune too. hopefully with no self ritcheous dickheads or atleast none that I'm forced to communicate with.

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