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The Guay Agenda
Aug 20, 2010
New Orleans
Hey everyone, so one day I got real stoned and decided to create an entire rule system for a tabletop role playing gaming based on dumpster diving and travel culture. After running it past Matt, we decided that the Jamboree would be the perfect place to premier this game, Dumpsters and Hobos, for anyone who wishes to partake! I'll be your Dumpster Master, ready to guide you through a quick campaign where your party will take on Tweakers, Feral Cats, Frat Bros, and more as you and your party fight to take back what was stolen from you.

The game is designed to be played with only 6 sided dice so there won't be any need to go out a buy yourself a set of dice. Below you will find a few examples of character building as well as a quick breakdown on how the combat works. Keep in mind that these are not the sole Classes/Roles that I've made; just samples of my favorites to give you all an idea of how the game works. The rest of the Classes/Roles will be revealed during the Jamboree.

Can't make it to the Jamboree? No problem! After the Jamboree is ended I will be uploading the entirety of the rules as well as the DM notes for the campaign I'll be running to the StP Library. That way you will be able to create your own games with your friends. All for free! Because trying to make money of this would be an asinine contradiction towards the spirit of the game.

I hope you all take part in this wacky little tabletop adventure!

Dumpsters and Hobos

Characters are composed of a Class/Role for customization of abilities. The stats are as follows; Attack, Defense, Speed, Stealth, Smarts, Charisma. The Players begins with 15 stat points that are then assigned to each of the stats, these will be the base stats. Players can equip 1 weapon and 1 gear for combat purposes. Players have an inventory space of 5 in their pack unless they are a Class that expands inventory and can choose any 3 items or equipment to start with. Equipped weapons and gear do not count towards inventory space. Base HP begins at 30 but can be modified with gear.


Classes are based on the Hobos travel preference. They determine various stat boosts and each have bonus skills that can be used once per day.

Rubbertramp: +5 inventory, +2 speed, Skills: Regroup (gathers the party to a single point in and out of Combat), Transport (Can move Self and 2 Players to new location). Penalty: Parking Spot (-2 Stealth rolls)

Trainhopper: +2 Attack, +1 Stealth. Skills: Choo Choo MF (Can Charge any enemy, closing distance and inflicting damage equal to 25% current HP, HP is then lost after turn), Quick Hide (+2 Stealth when hiding). Penalty: Life Choices (-2 Charisma rolls)

Hitch hiker: +2 Charisma, +1 Smarts. Skills: Small Talk (Can interrupt and delay 1 enemy action), Dip Out (Can remove self from combat). Penalty: Worn Shoes (-2 speed rolls)


Roles grant the players additional abilities that can be used in certain situations both inside and outside of battle. They are divided into Combat, Support, and Specialist. Role skills can each be used 3 times per day.

Shwilly Kid: Damage and Speed Orientated, Skills: Quick hit (Attack enemy 3 times in 1 turn, damage is based on Speed stat roll + Weapon Damage), I Am the Liquor (Use 1 Booze item to gain +2 Attack and +3 Defense for 3 turns on self), Rabble Rabble (+3 Speed and +1 Attack on self or one ally for 3 turns), Blow the Spot (Focus all Enemy actions on Self for 3 turns). Penalty: Blackout (When I Am the Liquor and Rabble Rabble are used on Self the effects will stack, however once both effects expire the player is Incapacitated)

Walking Pharma: Healing and Item Orientated, Skills: Take Two (Use 1 Med Item to Heal one adjacent ally twice), Painblockers, (Use 1 Med Item to heal 1 targeted ally, +2 Defense on ally), Drink Up (Use 1 Booze Item to heal targeted Ally 25% of Max HP and +1 Attack), Smoke it Off (Use 1 Smoke item to raise 1 Incapcitated targeted Ally 25% of Max HP and +1 Defense). Penalty: Walking Maraca (-2 Stealth rolls)

Anarcho Chef: Ranged and Item Orientated, Skills: Perfect Hit (use a ranged weapon to deal Smarts Stat + weapon damage on 1 targeted enemy, ignores Defense), Boom Cocktail (Use 1 Booze Item to deal damage based on Smarts Stat and 1d6, AOE on any player/enemy adjacent to target, ignores Defense), Spray 'n' Light (Use 1 Booze item to soak an adjacent enemy and light them on fire for -25 HP, Smarts Roll, if the roll fails User takes the damage), Loaded Hit (Use 1 Med item to +3 Weapon damage for 1 turn). Penalty: Questionable Morals (-1 charisma rolls)

Busking Bard: Support and Money Orientated, Skills: Live Show (+1 Boost to Attack, Defense, and Smarts on Party for 3 Turns, Use outside of combat to receive money, total Smarts of performers x $2.50), Pay Em Off, (Can spend money to bribe 1 enemy away from combat, enemy's Smarts stat x $10), Off Key (-1 Debuff to Attack, Defense, and Smarts on Enemy Party for 3 Turns), Sound Check (+3 Boost to Any Ally Stat for their next turn). Penalty: Full Song (Cannot perform other actions during Live Show or Off Key).

Battle Phase

Every player and enemy receives two actions per turn and can choose between any combination of Attack, Move, Item, Hide, or Skill. Each Player can default Move 3 Spaces unless otherwise noted. Hide uses the Stealth Skill to avoid Enemy Attention.
Attacking an Enemy while Hidden will use the Stealth vs Defense to determine damage and will also expose the Player from their Hiding spot. If the Enemies Smarts skill is higher than the Hiding users Stealth Skill they will be able to target the player. Items each have their own restrictions and uses. Gather and Transport Skills can be used to move other party members around the board regardless of distance. Charge Skills can be used to move a Player instantly to their target.

Melee Weapons use the Attack stat where as Ranged Weapons use Smarts. Combat is 1d6 plus the attackers Attack/Smarts stat against the targets Defense +1d6. If the Attackers total is lower than the Defenders total the action misses, if higher than the attack lands. Damage is calculated by taking the Attack/Smarts total and subtracting the targets Defense then adding the Weapon DMG.

Town Phase

Players can roam towns to Gain Money, Find/Buy Items and Equipment, Gather Information. Money can be earned by Spanging (Players Charisma Stat +1d6 x $0.50 once per turn), Busking requires an instrument and does not require being the Busking Bard role (instrument required, Charisma Stat +1d6 x $1.50 once per turn). The Busking Bard role can gather multiple players with instruments to earn money with Live Show (Total Smarts of all participating x $2.50 only on the Bard's turn).

Items can be bought from Store NPC or found by exploring the environments. NPC’s can also assign small tasks for players to earn money depending on their success. Tasks can be completed during the Town Phases or completed later in Battle Phases.

Dumpster Diving can be executed during the Town Phase. Each Town has a set amount of dumpsters. Each Dumpster can only be searched once by one Player per Town Phase unless otherwise noted by a Skill. Items/Gear that are found by rolling against the Dumpster Values.

Travel Phase

When it's time for Players to leave town they can move to a new location depending on their Class. Rubbertramps and other Vehicle based Classes can instantly travel to new Locations with the Rubbertramps being able to transport 2 other players. All other players without a vehicle need to roll in order to make it to their destination. Rolling a 1 will result in a Penalty where as rolling a 6 will grant you a bonus.

Each location has a set distance that players must roll to reach, all players must roll 1d6 to advance to the location and must keep rolling in turn proper turn order based on speed. Once that number is reached the player will arrive. The players with Vehicles have the ability to Fast Travel themselves to the location but still must roll 1d6 to determine if they get Road Bonus/Penalty.
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May 30, 2018
Miami, FL
This is well thought out and looks like a lot of fun. Thinking about my rubber tramp days as a rpg gave me a much needed morale boost while reading this.

I was thinking my time with Food Not Bombs made me an anarcho-chef but your description threw me off because hey that doesn't sound like they be cookin' soup!


The Guay Agenda
Aug 20, 2010
New Orleans
This is well thought out and looks like a lot of fun. Thinking about my rubber tramp days as a rpg gave me a much needed morale boost while reading this.

I was thinking my time with Food Not Bombs made me an anarcho-chef but your description threw me off because hey that doesn't sound like they be cookin' soup!
The Anarcho Chef role is a nod to the Anarchist Cookbook as it deals with homemade molotov cocktails. Though now that you mention it there should totally be a role based on Food-Not-Bombs / Public Feeds.

I'll make a note of it and try to work one in! Thanks!

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This is so cool! I miss playing DnD with people. I bet you're gonna have a blast coming up with locations and characters.


Sep 25, 2019
Indianapolis, IN
I used to play D&D back in the day. 2nd edition. It was a lot of fun. I can see myself playing this! I smiled a LOT while reading about it. Hilarious! I really hope I make it to the gathering. If I do, I'd love to either play, or sit and watch a bit at least. I actually would have been able to bring enough dice for several people from my role-playing days, but I like that it only takes a few cubes instead of all kinds of polyhedral motherfuckers.

Oh lord, those penalties. "Parking spot. Worn shoes. Life choices." Finally! A table top game for us dirty motherfuckers!


The Guay Agenda
Aug 20, 2010
New Orleans
I've made some more progress on this and wanted to share some more Classes and Roles that will be in the game! I wanted to post a small update since some of the new Roles were suggestions so it was only fair I'd share.

For Classes there is;

Green Horn: +5 HP, +1 Charisma, Skills: Beginners Luck (+2 to any Roll in and out of combat), Willing to Try, (Can Transport as either a Hitchhiker or Trainhopper During Travel Phase). Penalty: Prone to Mistakes (-2 on all Travel rolls with minimum total of 1)

Schoolie: +15 inventory, +2 defense. Skills: Rest Up (Heal points equal to 50% max HP full party when outside combat), Transport Bus (Can move full party to new location). Penalty: Parking Spot (-2 Stealth)

Bike Tourist: +2 Attack, +1 Defense. Skills: Stamina Boost (+1 Defense, +1 Speed for 3 turns), Zoom Zoom, (Can Charge up to 3 Enemies in a row, damage is equal to speed stat + 1d6 roll, ignores Defense). Penalty: Touring Pains (Can only Transport self, -1 Stealth)

As for the Roles we have the Combat Roles

Urban Activist: Damage and Defense Orientated, Skills: Heavy Hitter (+5 Weapon Damage for 1 turn), Squad Up (gathers party around self, +3 Defense on Party for 3 turns), For the People, (Instantly switch places with an ally to take Damage from an Enemy attack), Who's Streets? (+2 Defense on self for 3 turns, +3 if in Home Region). Penalty: Close 'n' Personal (restricted to Melee weapons)

Last Hobo Standing: Damage and Incapacitation Orientated, Skills: Back Off Man (Standard Attack roll plus Knock Back on targeted Enemy) Adrenaline Rage (+2 Attack and +5 wpn dmg when HP is below 20%) They’ll Never Believe This (+3 Attack +3 Defense +3 Smarts for every Incapacitated Ally) Disregard Mortality (Raise self to 10% HP when Incapacitated, can only be used once per battle) Penalty: Completely Unbelievable (-3 Charisma)

Support Roles

Street Medic: Healing and Speed Orientated, Skills: Patch Em Up (+20 HP on adjacent allies, +2 Speed on self), Up and At 'Em (raise 1 incapacitated adjacent ally to 20% HP), Assess the Sitch (Reveal Enemy Information, Smarts Roll), Emergency Assist (interrupt Enemy action +10 HP on targeted Ally, +1 Speed on self). Penalty: Not a Fighter (restricted to Hand-to-hand).

Street Feeder: Healing and Out-of-Combat Orientated, Skills: Quick Snack (Use 1 Food item to heal HP on self or ally during Combat), Spice it Up (Increase effectiveness of 1 Food item x2 outside of combat), Foodie Finder (Guarantee 1 Food item found while Dumpster Diving), Feast for All (Consume 3 Food items to heal entire Party 50% past max HP outside of combat) Penalty: Clanking Pots (-3 Stealth rolls)

And finally some more Specialist Roles.

Digi Nomad: Support and Out-of-Combat Orientated, Skills: Analyze Everything (Reveal all Enemy and Location Info), Order Online, (Buy/Sell Items from anywhere, Can use in combat; items are delivered after 3 turns), Wiki-HOW? (Smarts Roll against DM’s 2d6 for Recommended Course of Action), Google It (+2 Smarts on target Ally or -2 Smarts on Enemy). Penalty: Fragile Electronics (-1 Defense Rolls)

Animal Compadre: Support and Pet Related, Skills: The Best Treat (Use 1 Food Item to Heal Pet during Combat), Sic Em (Pet Charges Target dealing -5 HP, Ignores Defense), It’s All You (Skip Player Turn in exchange for 2 Consecutive Pet Turns), Bestest Praise (+2 Attack and +2 Defense on Pet) Penalty: Gentle Soul (-2 Attack rolls, when a secondary Pet is equipped this changes to -4)
NOTE: This Role is the only one that starts with a Pet and can also equip a second Pet into their Gear Slot later on.

I also should probably point out that Pets are totally going to be a thing. So far Pets can be broken down into three categories, Combat based Dogs, Stealth Based Cats, and Support based Rodents. These can be purchased at in game locations while other specialized Pets can be found in "dungeons".

Also if anyone was wondering; there are four types of Consumable Items that can be purchased, looted, or found in Dumpsters; Meds, Booze, Food, and Smokes. Meds and Booze can be used inside of combat where as Food and Smokes are typically restricted to outside of combat. Meds restore health based on percentages while Food restores set amounts of HP. Booze and Smoke are similar in that they both grant Stat boosts with Booze focusing on combat.

In addition to their normal uses, you've probably noticed many Roles have Skills that require a specific Item type to use. Any Item of the category needed can be used in this situation.

Thats pretty much the gist of it. I'm currently working on the Battle Maps for the first playable dungeon. Lemme know what you think!

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