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May 29, 2021
hi everybody. yall can call me some variation of my user. im doing some driving and living out of my lil camry for the summer and driving to the PNW from New England. this is my first time doing any sort of serious houseless travel shit--ive slept outside in Boston before by myself with no problems but nothing like this really. first plan is driving to the Finger Lakes then the Niagara falls, then a drive along lake Erie, then idk where. could use advice, tips, locations, and company if anyone's around. will be making a dedicated rubber tramp post for the call for driving buds soon though.

catch yall on the road.
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May 25, 2021
Ellensburg, WA
Welcome to the community Beef we're glad to have ya! If you're in need of anything once you get to the pnw shoot me a dm and I'll share what I got.
With gratitude, -Ian


Mar 28, 2021
Yo yo yo!!! That sounds awesome!! Welcome to the beautiful PNW!!! Well when you get here :) I spent all last summer living out of a Honda Civic Wago with my then partner and pup, shit was AWESOME!!!
I love using the website! I used this website to go from PNW to PA!!! (We’ll EVERYWHERELots of awesome camping and parking lots that’ll help you find places to rest ya head along the way!
ALSO don’t forget BLM and NF land/roads this magical place(s) will not only help you find some DOPE camping in nature but you can stay there for up to 14 days!!
good luck and have lots of fun!! The worlds your oyster or some shit do whatcha want!

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