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dirt. [poem]

Discussion in 'Art & Music' started by gathernogloss, May 15, 2018.

  1. gathernogloss

    gathernogloss Pilgrim

    Oct 20, 2017
    music, nothingness
    Detroit, MI, United States
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    6:32 PM
    the dirt
    is the least dirty thing under this bridge.
    Maybe the trash heap
    is composting into
    graffiti art.

    between the highway &
    the railroad tracks -
    there are souls who wander,
    carrying the baggage of distraction beneath their eyes.
    with a tearful & sexually stimulating
    sadness lingering.
    young men becoming tramps ;
    waiting for their lady
    and disney movie.

    living amongst plants
    who are also managing to
    survive on the fringes
    of this "civilization".

    being obligated to the seat
    of your dirty pants
    couldn't possibly be that bad.

    [NOLA MAY 2018]
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