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Curtis McCorkel, Jr.

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This is a heads-up.

Throughout the course of the last decade or so, the internet has put out numerous detail about his recent acts of sexual activity toward a child.


Then I got word from a fellow traveler that a close friend/loved one of his was stabbed in the hands of Curtis a few days ago.



A lot of people known this guy from YouTube as "Hobo Curtis" and he calls himself an active member of the FTRA (and I'll get to that in a moment). I once subbed to his YouTube channel ages ago and then I dropped out because I had other people to support and I didn't have the time or patience to deal with him in any way, shape, or form. Last time I checked, the judge handling the whole stabbing case is the one dealing with him right now and based on what the judge wants to do, is obviously beyond me. If he gets jailed, that's one thing. But if not - well please stay alert if you are traveling between Waycross, Macon and Jacksonville.

If you know anyone who is an active FTRA member or if you are one of them, please do me a favor. Please investigate Curtis and let us know as to whether or not his active membership is real. Thanks!
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