Crecencio (Salon) from SA, TX


Jun 21, 2016
Current Location
Tacoma-ish, WA
Train kid from San Antonio. His tag was Salon. There's no information yet on how, but he died yesterday. He frequented PDX and Salem- if any of y'all knew him go ahead and leave a word?

I didn't know him long, but he was a really nice guy. The type to surprise you with how much they give. I often think about him because we drank box wine from the tap once, and it was the same brand my stepmom always has in the house. Odd thing to cross my mind frequently, but it does..

20106384_1488240921243752_7886331575470088951_n-jpg.38312_Crecencio (Salon) from SA, TX_Obituaries_Squat the Planet_7:00 PM

Pic snagged from FB.

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