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in my ever present striving for less reliance on the machine I have now given up even using a backpacking stove. No more buying fuel and then having an empty canister to deal with. I've made two I guess #2 sized can stoves and here where I am living the winter I burn our paper stuff to make tea. Or if I'm camping I can put it into the edge of the fire, scrape some wood into there and start part in there for cooking or tea. With just cardboard and paper I was able to boil a little cup in under ten minutes and all you have is ashes. I really enjoy it and I'm sure my consciousness for dry tinder and wood will prevail. I'll keep it in an empty Crown bag along with dry kindling, such as I would have with a fuel canister, along with laundry lint and matches in a waterproof case. And if for some reason I can't achieve a fire I'll not eat or eat what doesn't need cooked, food stamps make this a little easier. Anyway, anyone else make these or carry one? So much lighter than stove fuel, especially if carrying the larger isobutane canisters, and stove combined. You can buy em but they are pricey for what can be free and just as effective and lighter. Make sure plenty of room on your fire opening and ventilation and use the bottom , still intact as fire spout, I leave about a quarter inch attached in design of stove top. So my smaller pot sits on the left over material while the cut away openings flame comes through. It's much more fun and you causing zero waste. Get away from consuming and money becomes less of a necessity.


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Feb 21, 2017
san diego
Love this. I've been using a beer can rubbing alch stove for a while, and trying to incorporate other fuels into it has been a lil' of an obstacle. Definitely gonna give this style a try

Apple Core

Nov 29, 2017
Murfreesboro, TN
I like this design. It looks practical and sturdy enough to work well with small stuff. Well done.

If you don't mind me asking, what is the material used to make the big "X" part of the grill?

By what means do you carry and take it with you?

Get away from consuming and money becomes less of a necessity.

I like that a lot. It's a good way to think about resources I feel.

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It does with my two small pots in a crown bag. I'm not hitching right now as I'm wintered over till march or so. It'll be in my pack. And we say resources nowadays, because it's the modern human way that the "standard" of living goes down without them, but I disagree. Get away from modernity and flourish.

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and the x is just can left to support my small pot base. It keeps the can more solid and sort of diverts the flames.


Sep 20, 2017
NW Cascaaadia
Yea this is awesome.

I use a cat food can alcohol stove which was a huge step up from the beer can... way more solid design. But I cook on fire whenever i get the chance. The alcohol stove is really just for the city or high wildfire danger.

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