News & Blogs 'Bum Bait' Signs Compare Homeless Chicagoans to Rats, Anger Wicker Parkers. "Artist" alters signs.

pir8 qu33n

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May 9, 2011
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The point of the sign is to show how the city treats the homeless. In the poster homeless are seen as rats that the city is trying to eliminate, this makes the city the villain not the homeless people. Casting it in such a morbid and cruel way highlights just how terrible Chicago treats the homeless (Which may or may not be true. I couldn't tell you because I've never been to Chicago) and is meant to invoke such a grave reaction to try and turn peoples focus inward to themselves, so maybe they realize what they are doing. But in this case it has seemed to go array and people have missed the message the artist was trying to portray and taken it offensively. To be diplomatic about it though I can't speak for the artists intentions, nor the message of their work but that's just how I interpreted the piece as an art major.
Yes chi homeless are treated like shit. Got a few friends or there, and I've been out there myself. That city is no exception to any of the others, such as NYC,Boston,LA, Seattle, Houston.... Need I say more?


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Jun 16, 2013
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Hurst, United States
Remeber the nyc sub way signs?

Give the homeless the change they really need. Report to whatever authority. Made me sick. And that's the govt so its way worse in my book....
This. The bum bait thing doesn't offend me terribly, because it's clearly meant to be offensive. If it was "for real" it would be couched in PC for-their-own-good, think-of-the-children style bullshit. At worst, this is just bad taste, but pretty harmless I think.

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