Bullfighting in Spain is a dangerous sport! (1 Viewer)


Kim Chee

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Some people play with their food and some people fight with it.

I'd rather just enjoy a steak every now and then when I can.

Video is of a bullfighter in Spain who takes a horn deep in the chest and dies.

Since this is the first "win" for a bull in Spain in the last 30 years of bullfighting, I'd go so far to say that this isn't much of a sport.

In fact, it is so much not a sport that the bull's Mother will be taken to the slaughterhouse so no Matador has to worry about facing the winning bull's brother.

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Rob Nothing

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Aug 26, 2012
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Or I'll clothe you in mourning, a biography on el cordobes and his bullfighting career, I recommend to anyone... for or against the dying art of death.
(I think it may be out of print, so you'll have to get a used copy)

I am, unashamedly, an aficionado of Los Toros. I can bore on the subject for hours. But this is not a textbook, it's the biography of a chicken-thief who became as famous in his chosen art as were the Beatles in theirs. He changed the corrida forever, through his artistic genius, his bravery, and his chutzpah. On that level alone it's worth reading, and if you too become a bullfight addict...well, tough luck.
Sadly, he lived too long, and has become a rather sad figure, dragging his now-flabby but rich body around the minor rings and living on his past. His son is an adequate matador. But his (fiercely denied) illegitimate son, now also probably past his best, had all the quality of his dad, plus a sense of humor. The apple does not fall far...
This is one of the very few books that I have had leather-bound.

"Bullfighting is the only art in which the artist is in danger of death and in which the degree of brilliance in the performance is left to the fighter's honor. "

-- Hemingway

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