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me, hellarity, oak, ca. about 2006
Oct 12, 2017
San Diego, CA
-precursor- i didn't know where else to post this but in a&m-

so a few days ago i called it quits on FB. call it anger, animosity, or just tired of the platform itself....there's been so many reasons for A LOT of ppl to avoid it altogether but for me it was just lack of empathy from my so-called "friends". & they're all a mix of highschool ppl, guys i travelled with, FNB people, guys i partied with or met in jail... some complete strangers: attached to me cuz of their significant others... So an odd mix of individuals...

But when a sniper (later recognized as a woman off her meds with an airsoft rifle) was taking pot shots at runners in downtown San Diego & i posted about it, the lack of "are you okay?" or even an "oh shit! thats hella close to your pad" literally pissed me off to the degree of being done with facebook. maybe ppl were offline you say, or just busy with their lives & for that i digress but even 12 hours AFTER still no concern i bagged the account and said "no more".

So what has become of us as a society that can't so much as reach out via phone or email after a violent attack as this??

Don't know where I'm going with this but felt it should be shared....
Stay off FB & spend time on squattheplanet instead. I've felt more connection here than anyother platform... And FUCK mark fuckerberg too!!
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I deleted myself
Facebook is shit. 99.999999999% garbage. I deactivated my fb account ages ago. Dont miss it at all. I still keep messenger tho

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I deleted myself
But I swear to god, @Matt Derrick if you ever sell any of the ficticious personal data I've put on this site to LiveUnderABridge Analytica, I'm totes breaking up with you. ::rules::
thats how Matt makes his money. Snitching to the police about the where abouts and goings ons of all you hoboes. So just thank matt when you get woken up by the pigs at 2 in the morning sleeping under that bridge and getting asked what you're doing there.


Apr 19, 2016
New mexico
There is a good book on the subject called "filling the void:emotion, capitalism and social media". I took it at a library, so y'all can check it out too. It pretty much breaks down on how Facebook and co operates.
It's all about money for big corporations. They set up their algorithms based on solely that interest. No-one cares that people don't see your posts. And it is true, they don't see you posts in their feed. Even if it's your suicidal note. It is really nothing personal, altho a lot of people, myself included, tend take it that way. It is how Facebook operates. If you care about amount of followers there are ways to do it, I mean, there is a profeasion called social media marketing advicer, because people hire those to get followers. It is all business and capitalism. No wonder it is a turn off for people who aren't into that. I also hope fpr squat the planet to never turn into that ditection. Even tho, I'm sure making $ of the web must be tempting


Apr 6, 2013
Funny, back then it was just a funny feeling...

Guess I just wasn't a joiner...

Now it seems like prophesy.



To not conforming.... ::alien::


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May 17, 2018
Jeez I left Facebook a WHILE ago... for obvious reasons. Also got sick of coworkers wanting me to add them on Facebook.... but we're not... friends? The drama, etc.
If we're friends, we'll keep in touch. If we don't keep in touch, I guess we're not that close.
Plus the adds, the spying.... Facebook was gathering your data; you don't say???

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I deleted myself
FB is the downfall of society, havent had one since like 2010. Useless in my eyes, so much time is wasted by ppl glued to their phone already
And before that, it was books and the newspaper. People will also have a distraction.

Facebook isn't the downfall. It's one of the results of the downfall. A lot happened for us to get to where we are now.

That being said, I'm off FB for a week. I'm on there to keep track of my friends and family, but I don't like seeing the news all the time, and that's basically what FB is now.


cooler than you
Dec 11, 2012
I deleted my facebook awhile back and honestly don't miss it at all. I hated the drama and fake ass people....That being said I'm still on Instagram. I enjoy the pictures and whatnot without all the pretend I g and forced interaction


Mar 18, 2018
Kamloops, BC
I totally agree with you, there's so many reasons why you would want to remove yourself from social media.

I fully deleted Facebook about 5 months ago and haven't looked back. I would recommend you fully delete yours too not just deactivate it, otherwise they will still have all your profile information/photos etc. stored on their servers.

You find out who your real friends after after you come off of it, and I think it's much nicer to text, call or even email your friends, it feels more personal.

It takes some time to get free of the addiction on Facebook, for the first month I found myself picking up my phone automatically every 5 minutes or so, because I was craving the validation that being on Facebook gives you. They are smart fuckers at Facebook, they designed it in mind with lighting up the reward centre of your brain - just like cocaine.

My advice to anyone coming off Facebook/or even in general is to build a close circle of friends around you that you can trust and who share your interests, and care about you.


Mar 19, 2019
Lockport, NY
I'm somewhere in the middle on this. I always tell people it's a friends list, not an acquaintance list. My criteria is pretty simple:
1. Do I like you?
2. Do I know you in real life?
3. Have we hung up intentionally in the last year outside of obligatory situations(work, school, etc.)

If so, they are on my list. If not, it's a no. I'll also delete people somewhat regularly if we drift. All that being said, I don't have FB on my phone and rarely use it outside of posting photos. Posting and labeling photos helps me keep track of where I've been. It works for me, but I get why it doesn't for others. If it was all the random ass people on yours, I would have deleted too I think.
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