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Folks, I know my posts typically don't go over well, but this is kind of serious... as this person has already killed two people - one not too far away from me, the 2nd victim... and he's apparently on the loose in PA somewhere.

If you see anyone fitting this description, you might want to think twice before offering him a ride or a place to stay... as apparently he is traveling on foot with a type of bag - maybe duffel - that apparently has weapons and food rations in it.

Sincere apologies if I am posting this in the wrong forum or if this is inappropriate, as I was on the fence for an hour or so if I should be even posting this or not - but then I felt that if by posting this info it could prevent something bad from happening to an S.T.P. member or someone who reads this on this forum, then it was worth it - as I would feel horrible if I learned that something bad happened that I possibly could have helped prevent by posting this information.

I personally do not believe this person is a bad person, Peter is apparently very smart and is/was anti gun/anti violence - but something recently has apparently made him snap, hence I do believe that he is very troubled and in light of that, dangerous.

He is also always one step ahead of law enforcement and could be out of PA already, as this started in CT.

Be Safe !!

**Edit** Peter has been apprehended as of tonight, in Maryland [link posted]
Sounds like the police acted accordingly as there were no injuries.
Again, @Staff thanks for letting me post this - as I would have really been bummed if Peter crossed paths with folks here from the STP community and something really bad happened.

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