Anyone know of a device I can build to leech Wi Fi from surrounding areas (1 Viewer)

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You won't be able to build a wifi booster. You'll have to acquire one that's premade. Their usefulness varies from device to device.

If you saw a post about it a while ago you could try using the search bar in the future to avoid creating new threads where answers to yer question already exist.


Aug 23, 2019
I assume you mean connect to a nearby public WiFi that is out of range. You actually can build a decently powerful antenna yourself, but you need a USB wifi dongle. Search 'cantenna' and you'll come up with lots of results. If that's not strong enough, you'll need to buy a high gain directional antenna. A yagi antenna should do the trick, they can usually be had for about $20 online. Make sure you get one for wifi, not tv or other channels!


Jun 20, 2019
China / Canada
I know there's an app for your phone which shares wifi passwords, so that if you get enough people using the app all around the world, everyone will have access to everyone's wifi. They use it here in Asia with some good success.

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Heh, I don't know about BUILDING a wifi-leeching device (other than using the usb antennas and whatnot like what's been mentioned), but you can certainly HACK wifi and get it for free.

But it's illegal, and might require you to be pretty computer literate and extremely patient. Look into Kali Linux and learn how to use a virtual machine and the Linux terminal.

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