Anyone know how to skin a raccoon? (2 Viewers)


Feb 1, 2020
Ironsville TN
After much work to separate the meat from sinew and bone I marinated in achiote oil, cumin, garlic, onion, malt vinegar, and Cuban oregano for about a day.. Then pan fried . Shit was bomb.. But now...I'll be wary about the possibility of not so delicious outcomes.
Dude, man's fucked up the planet so much that nothing is entirely safe. In the early 90's I remember seeing "edgy" rednecks with the bumpersticker "I can remember when sex was safe and racing was dangerous".

In AL and East TN, whitetail deer have lesions and growths(think like a furry skin tag that can get as big as your fist, avg size your big toe). The state dept of fish and game both put out releases saying "It's safe to eat." It's not something I'd eat.

I don't hunt and don't have any opinions on hunting but I think unless mankind changes its ways in regards to how it interfaces with Nature/Earth, then man is, to be crude- fucked. And deservedly so in my asshole opinion.
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Jul 29, 2015
East Derby, CT
I'm late to the party, but against my better judgement I'm going to come out with this and state that I've been a licensed trapper, but not for reasons which you might think... I did it to get more involved with conservation efforts with the state wildlife biologists, along with my dream of re-locating wildlife from highly toxic and polluted areas to areas better suited for their survival.

I also believe that mankind has a moral obligation to help mother nature keep our wildlife populations in proper balance, but that is a whole 'nother topic for another day.......

In CT, raccoons are considered rabies vectored species, which means you got to be ultra careful with handling them.

I read this thread faster than I should have, only because I got to get moving with my chores, get the animals fed etc.... but never feel bad about leaving a road killl as road kill.

Yes, move it out of the road if possible, but everything lives and dies for a purpose.

That raccoons death would have helped others survive and even the fur would have not gone to waste as small rodents would have used it for bedding material.

But it sounds like a good ending all the way around.

Here, the Wildlife Rehabilitators who work on raptors will actually take carcasses from skinned fur bearing animals - because they will use the carcasses for food for the raptors being rehabbed.

Eng JR Lupo RV323, you are a good human being.

Most would have kept on going without even giving it another thought, but you showed compassion, and felt that something needed to be done so as I believe you stated this raccoon did not die for nothing.....

LonesomeDove: You are right on the money.

My own volunteer work involved with river clean up, wildlife rescue, and now wildlife monitoring also indicates how mankind is destroying life for all.

A few years back, I came across 4 dead Canadian Geese in a body of water known as the Ferry Blvd Creek, which is super toxic.

I wanted to fully fund cause and manner of death, but NOBODY wanted to take this on.

Why ??

Because it would show that this body of water is still super hazardous, and the supposed former brownfield site which is now home for - surprise - big box stores, including Walmart... - is still probably - definately leaching out very bad things......

Appologies for going off topic, I just wanted LD to know that I am noticing such things too out here in CT.


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