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May 3, 2008
Northern California
It's a moot point anyway. Not everybody hopping a train is going to have a scanner all the time. I rarely have a hundred bucks I could drop on one, and generally other things I need that money for. Even if I had one, I was asleep with no reason to think I was in trouble...the train hung out in the yard a minute, happens all the time.

Sheesh, do you really do that to yourself, wake up and turn on the scanner every time the train stops, even in a normal spot to stop? I'd rather have the sleep.


Feb 9, 2010
Chico, CA
I had this story in the back of my head when I just got caught this week. Got on in Oakland I didn't know there was anyone on the train until we got near Martinez and saw a bunch of heads when we hit a siding. 3 of them get off and come to our well to talk to us while the train waits, I count 6 young kids (red flag 1) and the person that seemed to know the most about what they were doing was wearing a green cape (red flag 2).

Anyway we get to Roseville and the police were waiting for us. Me and Addie get caught and the other people got off somewhere before hand. The police are looking for more people because they tell us they got a report of 5 people. Well we get tickets and now we have court in 3 months in Sacramento. I'm going to try to call the courthouse there and have it moved to Alameda/Oakland.

Well I guess It's time for me to invest in a scanner.


Feb 3, 2013
High rockies colorado
This would be a good story for the thread i just made about (getting locked up)
maybe an admin can do that

This is stuff i dont think the newbie traveler thinks about...


I deleted myself
@Mongo I feel like Oakland is blown up with a lot of idiots from the bay that are riding their first train. Sucks you got caught but it's happened to me too.
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I deleted myself
I don't think Dameon gets on here anymore but diddo on the trains. I had my dog on two a couple years ago but haven't since because i can't stand the thought of that- Us caught on train- him put down or released from my custody or whatever. good for you for quitting trains for your dog's sake man

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