Andrew Miller (aka u/camping_tramp, Andrew Berkmann, Bazarov, Typical Hobo)


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Nov 17, 2017
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Oregone & Back Oregain: A Hobo's Tale
Moniker may have changed from "Typical Hobo". Andrew is a dangerous person; travelers beware.
He has a squatters' rights tattoo under his eye and a several other identifiable tattoos (see photos).
The picture where his head is shaved is the most recent.


He tried to forcibly undress and have sex with a woman he was dating while she was sleeping on at least one occasion. This was not consensual. He also physically assaulted her and threatened to murder/drown her in a lake. Another woman was raped by him while blackout drunk.

He is extremely mentally ill, psychotic, has religious delusions of persecution, and is an alcoholic who will steal to get his fix. He steals from the people he travels with and is prone to breaking into local businesses just for the fun of it. He has warrants in several Canadian provinces (BC, Quebec, Newfoundland, & possibly other provinces as well) for trespassing and assaulting people.

He is Canadian and cannot get a passport. However, he has claimed to have hopped the border before, so it's possible you could run into him in the US as well. He is known to make posts on reddit's r/vagabond and other sites asking people to meet up. It seems as if he plans to stay around his home province of Alberta for the foreseeable future. His hometown is Fort MacLeod so there is a high likelihood of crossing paths with him around there or the general southern Alberta area.

Spread the word, and most of all, be safe.

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