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Mar 26, 2007
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The cfp-90 is alot more comfortable........... they are HUGE, be careful not to over pack after 10 miles or so they can get HEAVY

The plastic slider for the straps broke on mine after little use. I did get the pack used. It is now rigged with a big patch and is no longer adjustable. works fine.

+5 on style points with an Alice though. They just look cool and make the wearer look hardcore

A regular internal framed hiking pack made from fancy water resistant material is the most comfortable, most practical.


Your friendly neighborhood supervillain
Nov 18, 2010
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Seattle, WA
I've got both cfp-90 and medium alice and I like my alice way better mainly because of stability. My cfp-90 is pretty susceptible to becoming unstable, especially when having to run/evade, whereas my alice pack maintains its stability regardless of how I/it moves.

And there's the being able to way overpack a cfp-90 which adds to its being prone to instability and makes it a bitch after walking all day.


Dec 15, 2011
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ive put medium and large alice on molle frame with molle straps and waist strap. works very well but am apprehensive about the plastic frame. it works well for taller people. alice frame is just too short.

i once had plans to extend an alice frame and see how it worked for someone like me but those plans went awry.

cfp 90 is good to go as long as its one of the US made mil contract ones. the foreign made ones are shoddy.

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